AirTame 2 – Airtame application

How to prepare your colleagues & guests to use Airtame application
BYOD: We support Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, and Apple. Even a guest app for users w/o admin rights and MSI.
Written by Kristian Klausen
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Key Facts
🎯 Same app for all computer platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook
🎯 Presentation app on mobile platforms: Android, iOS
🎯 Built-in AirPlay functionality allows for iOS mirroring.
🎯 For Windows, we have three different app installers: Regular, Guest app & MSI
The Airtame software is completely free and you can get the software for your platform here:
Learn how to use the Windows app and the functionalities here

Software for guests or users without administrator rights

Windows Guest App is perfect for one-time users like guests. It does not require an installation or administrative rights, just click and it opens.

💡Tip: You can store the app on a USB flash drive. Users can run it from the drive or copy it to their Computer.
💡Tip: Feel free to send them the link to guest app prior to the meeting so users could prepare

Please note: The user will be asked for firewall access. They can accept or deny access without any effect on streaming or discovery.

👉 The Windows Guest app can be downloaded

Windows Mass deployment installer (MSI):

This is a version of the app used to install Airtame application on company laptops at once and in the background.

👉 Learn more about App & Deployment here

Using macOS

Learn how to use the macOS app and the functionalities here

💡macOS users without administrator rights can run the dmg files directly without dragging to the application folder but will, in that case, not be able to stream audio.

Built-in AirPlay functionality

Let iOS and macOS devices use our built-in AirPlay functionality to stream. No app required!

👉 Learn more about Airtame & AirPlay here

Using iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Users using iOS devices has two options: Use our Airtame app for presentation of static files or use the AirPlay function for fully mirroring your screen.

👉Learn how to Stream to Airtame Using iOS devices here

Using Android

Users using Android devices can use our Android app. You can stream content stored on your phone or tablet, as well as files from Box, Drive or another app.

👉 Learn how to Stream to Airtame Using Android devices here

Using Chromebook

We do support streaming from Chromebook but currently have certain limitations such as no support for streaming with audio and support for Chromebooks running ARM based processors. For full overview please check the link below.

👉 Learn how to Stream to Airtame Using Chromebook devices here

⚠️ You will not be able to setup a new device using Chromebook application. You will need to use Windows or Mac OS for the initial setup and to change settings.

Using Linux
The application for Linux will have same capabilities as Windows.
Rolling our Airtame at your organization?
Teach users how to stream with Airtame

Help your users learn how to stream and take advantage of the useful features like streaming with sound, stream to multiple devices, use the PIN code feature