Live Event Streaming

Design your ideal vlogging camera solution

with Mevo Camera

A unique solution that can take your event to the next level 

Traditionally, event organizers rely on their onboard phone camera to stream whatever is in front of them, but in a professional event context this simply will not do.

While streaming live, Facebook friends, members of the public or people who like your page can interact, comment and like your stream in real time allowing you to converse and react to your audience from across the world.

This is why we are one of the first companies to be pioneering Mevo Facebook Live streaming in the event industry. With 4K graphics, professional sound inputs and live real-time editing this is an element that you simply cannot do without on your next event.

Engage with wider audience

By utilising Facebook live streaming on your next event, you are immediately increasing the potential audience of your event. Friends, friends of friends and even the pubic. Your event has viral potential. And this can promote brand awareness brand more inbound traffic to your Facebook page and web site. 

Social engagement and live feedback 

One of the many benefits of using Facebook live for your next event is the social element. People can comment, or join in the discussion from anywhere around the world. You can react and answer them live in the video too! The better impression you make on a visitor, the more likely they are to think of your business when the need for your product or services arises.

Professional sound options

Where most streaming packages and devices will limit you to the internal microphone, our Mevo rig is able to facilitate direct connectivity to professional PA systems via balanced XLR.  So you can still capture the sound maintain the sound quality  from all background noise.


Anytime & anywhere

Because of the portability and versatility of the streaming rig that we have developed, based around the Mevo camera, We are able to provide live streaming anywhere – indoors, indoors rain or shine. This can bring cost effectiveness to your company  because there are no more boundaries. You can do the live streaming just anywhere where your audience need you. 

When Take Two is Not An Option


Open Multi View to enable easy live-switching. Use manual and auto-trackers to create up to nine custom camera angles. Select any shot with a simple tap.


Using sophisticated face detection and advanced scene analysis, Autopilot Mode chooses the most interesting shot and edits the stream for you.


Your phone or tablet is now your personal video editing suite — zoom, pan and cut in real-time, all from a single camera and app.

Seamless Connection to Video Platforms

Enjoy 4 great benefits of getting Mevo camera solution from Emotiontech

Flexible & Affordable solution

Sometime it is not possible to buy the camera for one off live streaming purpose. It’s maybe too expensive and inflexible. And therefore we offer the move camera rental solution. We will only charge you a minimal fee on a daily basis.     


Most of you had probably heard about live streaming on social platforms. Some of your end clients may even ask you if it is possible to include this option in their coming event. We can share this burden with you. So you can concentrate on planning the event while we can take care the rest. 

Technical support hotline

Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose and provide assistance in a remote basis. From changing the setting of your alert notification to how the Nest Hello Doorbell function, just feel free to ask. 

Convenience all-in one solution

No matter you are just simply looking for the camera rental or looking for a professional to help you do the live camera streaming,  Emotion are here to help. Just simply contact our sales team and we will come up with a comprehensive solution for you.