Mesh Wifi

Design your ideal Wi-Fi solution

with Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Technology​

Designing a tailor made Wi-Fi Network System for you

Say goodbye to dead zones with Wi-Fi that’s made to fit your whole home. Google Wifi mesh network system can work together to create a connected system that gives you a strong signal wherever you want it. Our team will elevate your home before we come up with a comprehensive solution where the Wi-Fi signal are strong enough for every corner in your home.   

Customise every single detail setting for you

Parents always concern about the content their kids can come across on the internet. They want to protect their kids but they have no idea what they can do. Hence, we offer the free parental control solution for our customers. The parental control prevent your kids to come across with certain violent or adult content. Also, we can set up daily time limits for your children to avoid excessive usage.

Onsite installation and speed test

We provide a one stop consultancy service. After initial consultation, we will come up with a comprehensive solution plan. We offer onsite installation service of the Google Mesh Wif-Fi system for our customers. Apart from setting up the Google Mesh Wifi and the Google Wifi Point , we will fine tune the setting the Wi-Fi system and conduct a speed test to ensure the Wi-Fi signals are strong for every single corner in our customer home. 

Traditional Router

with Extender
  • Frequent network connection changes
  • unstable
  • network speed in the extended signal coverage is lower
  • Manually switch over to the extender’s network.
  • Not ideal for larger homes
  • Harder to configure.

Mesh Wi-Fi System

with Nest Wi-Fi
  • Automatically switch to the nearest Wi-Fi access point without interrupting the network
  • No need to manually switch to any different network
  • Seamless Wi-Fi network for your whole home.
  • Automatically select the most suitable frequency band
  • Easier to set up and control via Google Wifi app.

How many Google Nest or Google Wifi points do I need?

Depends on your Home size

The bigger your house, the more points you’ll need to have whole-home Wi-Fi coverage.

Here’s an estimate of how much Wi-Fi coverage you’ll get with a Google Nest Wifi or Google Wifi system:

Google Nest Wifi*Google Wifi**
Nest Wifi router (standalone)Up to 2,200 sq ft1 Google Wifi pointUp to 1,500 sq ft
Nest Wifi router + 1 pointUp to 3,800 sq ft2 Google Wifi pointsUp to 3,000 sq ft
Nest Wifi router + 2 pointsUp to 5,400 sq ft3 Google Wifi pointsUp to 4,500 sq ft
Nest Wifi router + 3 pointsUp to 7,000 sq ft4 Google Wifi pointsUp to 6,000 sq ft

**Google Nest Wifi and Google Wifi coverage estimates are for homes with timber frames. Homes made of other materials or with unusual layouts may see different Wi-Fi coverage.

As a general rule, points work best when they’re no more than 2 rooms away from each other. For example, if the far end of your house has weak Wi-Fi, don’t put a Wifi point in that exact spot. Instead, put it partway in that direction. Try to place it in an elevated position like on a shelf.

Note: We recommend a maximum of 5 Wifi points in a single mesh set up.

Enjoy 4 great benefits of getting mesh Wi-Fi solution from Emotiontech


We help you design the best Wi-Fi network solution for your home The size of your house, the shape of your living room and numbers of bed room in your house will all affect the coverage of your Wi-Fi network system. Our professional products specialist help you choose the most comprehensive solution to suit the size of your household as well as the layout and everyday family WiFi connectivity habits.


Onsite installation and configuration We offer convenient onsite installation service in Hong Kong. Our skilled technicians help you to install the Google Nest Wifi , configure your Wifi network setting and most importantly demonstrate how to use the devices. If you have any hesitation about the usage of the Google Nest Wifi, our technicians are here to help. 

Technical Support

Technical support hotline Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose and improve Wi-Fi problems remotely at any time. From changing the setting of your Wi-Fi password combination to how the prioritise Wi-Fi traffic to specific device, just feel free to ask. 


One stop consultancy service One of the features of the Google Nest Wi-Fi is her strong compatibility with other smart home devices. If users would like to explore other smart home devices, our professional product specialists will base on our customer need to choose the most comprehensive solution including doorbell ,security camera and other smart home device. More importantly, we will integrate them altogether under a single smart home automation system. With our all in one solution platform , we will help you to choose the best smart home solution so its not only convenience but it's also time-saving for you.