About Us

We love cool gadgets that are

Have you ever browsed online and found such a technically radical gadget, and the concept is so amazing that you instantly want to buy it, whether you need it or not!

We Know Exactly How You Feel!

At Emotiontech, we discover super cool gadgets all the time. Especially gadgets that give you a lot of convenience and are great problem solvers. We also realize, however, that there are no authorized distributors in Hong Kong to bring you these great products.

Many people in Hong Kong are facing this problem, seeing a product online and being able to get it delivered to them, but have no way to return it if necessary. With overseas orders, the warranty program is absent.

We believe a reliable warranty service is crucial to our gadget lovers. We know the helpless dealing with an overseas merchant and the hassle of constant waiting for help over the phone or endlessly describing your situation to multiple agents. Not to mention the expensive phone bill or countless emails back and forth.

That’s exactly why we created Emotiontech, we introduce you to incredible overseas gadgets and provide a Trouble-Free Warrantee Service to protect you!

Who We Are

Emotiontech was established in 2011 and our distribution business has expanded from the United States to Hong Kong. Today, Emotiontech has grown to more than 100 authorized distributors at more than 300 sales outlets. We have a great reputation for our quality after-sales services which has earned the loyalty of Hong Kong customers and further established our reputable brand over the past years.

As a market leader, Emotiontech has always introduced exciting and innovative new gadgets to better serve our customers. In 2015, we opened our online shop with new electronic devices and toys that would exceed customer expectations. In 2018, we started to sell our products in Fortress and Suning, allowing our customers to have an exciting hands-on experience.

Our History

Trek Flucard


Everyone deserves a hassle-free warranty service on all gadget purchases. Our mission is to make a difference in the after-sale service of parallel imported goods by introducing to our market, warranty services and technical support that facilitate customer experience and quality of service. We want to be able to provide a hassle-free warranty service while charging an affordable price and offering our customers a rewarding experience with fast repair and technical advice.


To ensure that everyone has equal quality warranty services on all gadget purchases just as authorized dealers provide.