Digital Signage – Airtame2

Airtame 2

Take control of your screens

Engage audiences with digital signage and empower administrators with device management. All from one central place.

Why Airtame Cloud ?

Increase productivity and engagement

Make screens in meetings and lessons more inspiring with apps like Google Slides, Trello and YouTube running in the background.

Why Airtame Cloud ?

Improve internal communication

Tailor screens with relevant digital signage for colleagues, students and visitors.

Why Airtame Cloud ?

Eliminate point solutions

Reduce IT maintenance with one solution for all screens and remote device management.

Digital signage for all screens

Create tailored digital signage
Display images, websites, schedules, room agendas, clocks, project progress and more.

Preview content
Ensure you’re sharing the right content on screen by previewing it first in the Airtame Cloud app.

Personalize your space
Display an overview of the room booking and schedule in meeting rooms and classrooms.

Set up playlists
Say goodbye to blank screens for good by setting up content to play on loop.

Remote content management

Manage devices remotely
View, update and manage all devices at once and from anywhere with Airtame Cloud.

Control user roles and permissions
Invite colleagues to collaborate and assign different access levels depending on user roles, location and use case..

Save on power
Schedule your screens to turn on and off according to office or school hours.

Optimal deployment
Equip the IT administrators with full control over device performance and settings

Get started today

Airtame is a unified solution that equips organizations with wireless screen sharing and versatile digital signage.

To get started today, order the Airtame 2 device and create an Airtame Cloud account.

A trusted solution

Over 10,000 organizations and counting are boosting productivity with Airtame Cloud.

Co-funded by the
European Union

One of my favorite features is the Cloud app, as I’m in charge of the deployment and the administration of the solution in my company.

Guillaume Pollet

In charge of Telecom Infrastructure, Jouve

Streaming with Airtame is intuitive and works smoothly. This helps communication between people to flow much better during meetings. Company-wide communication has also significantly improved thanks to digital signage with Airtame Cloud. We have messages displayed in our canteen, entrance and in each service area.

Guillaume Lafforgue

Digital Transformation Engineer, Schneider Electric

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