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Nest Doorbell Solution


Looking for a smart home doorbell solution but have no idea about which is the best for your home ? Looking for something to make your home more safe and secure?  Love to buy a smart doorbell but have no time or knowledge for the installation ?

Emotion are here to help for our customers ! With our professional products specialist team, we will provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. From consultation,  design a tailor made proposal, installation and follow up services , we are here to help.


Designing a tailor made Smart Living Home Security System for you

Smart Living’s Home Security System protects your household with intelligent technology and devices such as indoor/ outdoor security camera plus doorbell with high-definition camera. A comprehensive home security solution keeps your home safe and secure. And our product specialists can base on your needs to design a tailor made comprehensive solution for you.  

User friendly Control

With the Nest app, you can receive sound and motion alerts from your Nest Door Bell. Also, you can see what happened with up to 30 days video history and 24/7 continuous recording. You can scan through your entire video history , watch key elements and even share video clips to your family or friends. Our technician will go through every set up detail with you. So you will never miss a thing. 

Detection of abnormal motions

It’s normal for people to know what’s happening in their home while they are away for work. And that’s why we need the Nest Hello Doorbell. With the help of the advance cloud-based algorithms, the Nest Hello Doorbell can help to identify between family member or strangers. Hence,  the Nest Hello Doorbell will looks for change in sound and motion so they will know when to send you an alert. 

Learn more about how the Nest Hello cloud-based algorithms work. 

Intelligent & immediate alert 

When the Nest Hello Doorbell spotted some important activity, you will receive immediate alerts. You can choose to receive the alert in the form of push notification on your phone , get an email or you can choose both. With the help of the Nest cloud-based algorithms, it can help the users to distinguish whatever the person is a familiar face or a stranger.  And base on your preference,  we can help you to customize your own alert level so you can either get notification all the time or just receive alert when the Nest Hello Doorbell spot a stranger. 

24/7 home monitoring

No need to worry about your home when you are away for work. The Nest Hello Doorbell has the night vision camera which allow them to function 24/7. All the connection are encrypted. And all the recording are stored in the cloud so the data are always private and safe. 

Working with Google Nest Hub

One of the key feature of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell is that you can see everything of your front door in the app. By pairing the Nest Hello Doorbell with the Google Nest Hub , you can see who’s at the front door , just right on the Google Nest Hub display screen. 

Onsite instillation and one stop consultancy service

We offer a comprehensive one-stop service – from preliminary consultation and design through to security system installation and after-sales technical support. All this facilitates quality management and the satisfaction of knowing your home is secure at all times.


Enjoy 4 great benefits of getting Nest Hello Doorbell solution from Emotiontech


Strong smart home compatibility.

Nest hello allow you to link it with other smart home devices. You can pair it with the Nest Hub so you can see who’s at your front door through the display of the Nest Hub. Apart from this, Nest hello will make announcement of visitors through other smart home device like Google Nest Mini , Nest Hub or Google Home Max. Just feel free to consult with our team for more ideas.

Onsite installation and configuration

We offer convenient onsite installation service in Hong Kong. Our skilled technicians help you to install the Nest Door Bell , assist you to set up the Nest account  , configure the setting and most importantly demonstrate how to use the devices. If you have any hesitation about the usage of the doorbell, our technicians are here to help. 

Technical support hotline

Our skilled technicians are able to diagnose and provide assistance in a remote basis. From changing the setting of your alert notification to how the Nest Hello Doorbell function, just feel free to ask. 

One stop consultancy service

Users are always having a headache in searching and comparing different smart home solution. Our professional product specialists will base on our customer need to choose the most comprehensive solution. From doorbell to security camera ; from security camera to mesh wifi system and other smart home device, we are here to help. We will integrate them altogether under a single smart home automation system. With our all in one solution platform , we will help you to choose the best smart home solution so its not only convenience but it’s also time-saving for you.