Google Home Mini

・A powerful little helper

・Get answers from Google

・Manage your day from breakfast to bed

・Play, pause and rewind. Hands-free

・Control your smart home

・Your voice. Your info

・Choose between different colors



85º and sunny?
Clear your schedule with Google.
Google Home Mini. Get huge help at a tiny price.​
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Hands-free help around the house.

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with the Google Assistant built in. So whenever you need help, it’s by your side¹

Hey Google, how do you say "this tastes
delicious" in Korean?
이거 맛있다
Hey Google, what is the speed of light?
The speed of light is
299,792,458 meters
per second
Hey Google, what's the weather today?
It’s 72 degrees and sunny today
Hey Google, remind me to pick up the cake at 5 PM on Friday
Reminder is set for 5 PM Friday
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Hey Google, can dogs eat peanut butter?
Hey Google, what is traffic like on my
way to work?
Hey Google, what are the closest
dry cleaners?
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Get answers from Google.
Want the latest weather, traffic, finance, sports and more? Simply ask.
Tackle your day.
Get personalized help with your schedule, reminders, calls, news and more, whenever Mini recognizes your voice.²
Hey Google, when is my first
meeting today?
Hey Google, call the nearest bakery
Hey Google, what is the latest news
from NPR?
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Entertainment, hands-free.
Use your voice to play music on Google Home Mini, listen to
audiobooks, or stream shows, movies and more to your TV with
Hey Google, play Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify

 All right, playing your Spotify playlist called Discover Weekly
Hey Google, show my pictures of Stella in Korea on my TV

 Showing photos of Stella
Hey Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix on my TV

 Playing Stranger Things on Netflix
Hey Google, play yoga videos on my TV

 Playing yoga videos on your TV
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Control your smart
home with your voice.
Google Home Mini works with more than
5,000 smart home devices from more than
150 brands.2
Built for family fun.
Enjoy a whole new set of activities designed from the
ground up, just for families.
“Google’s new $50 speaker is a smarter alternative to the
Amazon Echo Dot with better sound.”
“It’s fun to set up. It’s fun to use. It’s even fun figuring out what
the device can do...”
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Made to blend in. Or stand out.
Made to blend in. Or stand out.
Made to blend in. Or stand out.
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Help comes in different sizes.
Google Home Max
Built for sound, inside
and out.
Google Home
Big help, hands-free.
 Available at local retailers

¹Google Home Mini requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible mobile device.

²Google Home Mini requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet and a compatible mobile device. Controlling certain devices and features in your home requires a compatible smart device. For example, the query “Play ‘Stranger Things’ on my TV” requires a Chromecast, and controlling devices like lights and thermostats requires compatible smart lights and smart thermostats linked to Google Home Mini smart speaker. Controlling devices such as coffee makers, baby monitors and fans in your home requires compatible smart plugs and/or switches. The calling feature allows outgoing calls to most phone numbers in the United States and Canada, but does not support calls to 911 or premium rate numbers. Subscription(s) may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply.