August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  • Control your door from anywhere.
  • Keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone.
  • Know your door is both closed and locked with DoorSense™.
  • Tell Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant to control your lock.
  • Certified Z-Wave Plus smart home product.
  • Attaches to your existing deadbolt and installs in about 10 minutes.



Meet the newest
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
The #1 smart lock, now even better.
NEW: Smart Door Upgrade Set
Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Single Cylinder Deadbolt


The number one smart lock, now even better.
Upgrade your deadbolt with the all-new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Remotely lock or unlock the door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys, and see who’s coming and going. Or use your favorite voice assistant to control your door. Our smart lock is easy to install and attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door so you can keep your original keys. And with built-in Wi-Fi, our lock requires no additional bridge to connect.

Connection made simple

Our smart lock requires no additional hardware to connect to Wi-Fi, so you get full voice and remote access functionality without the fuss. It’s set and go.

Compact design

Simple, clean design to fit any home’s style. Stunningly beautiful. Amazingly powerful. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock does more with less.

Easy install

Intuitive design attaches right to the existing lock on the inside of your door - so you can continue to use your existing keys. Renter friendly with minimal assembly.


A smarter way to come and go.
With August door locks, you won’t believe what your door can do. Experience a front door that locks after you leave and unlocks when you approach. You have the power with the August app from your phone or Apple Watch.


Auto-Lock automatically secures your front door once it’s closed or after a specified amount of time, for up to 30 minutes. Enjoy peace-of-mind never worrying if your door is locked.full of kids and groceries, don't worry about juggling your keys.


August knows you have returned home through geo-fencing and automatically unlocks the front door. So you’ll never have to pull out your phone or fumble around for your keys when you’re carrying all your stuff.

Your phone or watch is your key.

Control and manage your door with the August app on any iOS or Android smartphone - or use your Apple watch to come and go. Setup takes minutes and functionality is simple with the August app.

More ways to access your door

Smart Phone

August Keypad

Keep your
original Key

Apple Watch


Control your front door from anywhere with your phone.

Remote Access

Experience August’s powerful benefits of a key that works everywhere. With the August app, remotely let Mom in when she arrives early or secure your door if the kids forgot to lock when leaving.

Guest Keys

Manage access to your home from anywhere. Send secure keys to friends, family, or people you trust instantly, all from the August app. Never hide keys again or worry who has a copy.

Activity Feed

See exactly what time guests and loved ones enter and leave your home, with August’s Activity Feed right on your app. Feel confident knowing when the teens are home and exactly when the dog walker took Lucy for a stroll.


It’s more than a Smart Lock. It’s peace of mind.
At August, our mission is to make our customers’ lives simpler and more secure. We believe data privacy and security is just as important as the physical security of your home. From data encryption to mandatory two-factor authentication and securing your lock – we’ve got your back.


Only August door locks have DoorSense, a sensor that tells you whether your door is securely closed and locked for worry-free living. No more return trips home or asking help from your neighbor to check your door.

Smart Alerts

If anything changes with the status of your door, you’ll be the first to know about it. Set smart alerts to notify you when someone comes or goes. August always keeps you in the loop and tells you whether your door is left ajar, locked and unlocked.

Security features


August Smart Lock uses both Bluetooth Energy (BLE) technology encryption and TLS in our mobile applications.


August products offer an added level of security by requiring users to verify their identity with a second form, either an email or phone number.

Lost Phone

Quickly and easily disable your August app and all virtual keys at any time on any of your associated devices at:

Biometric Verification

Enable your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial verification for unlocking and locking your door when you are away. Get extra security to ensure your front door is safe and secure.
*Feature only works with Wi-Fi lock operations.

Easy Installation

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installation takes less than 10 minutes. Simply install on the inside of your door over your existing deadbolt. Leave your outside lock alone and keep your existing deadbolt and keys. All August door locks are compatible with most single cylinder deadbolts.


We make your smart home even smarter.
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock partners with the leaders in the smart home space so everything works together. Our Smart Lock fits seamlessly into your existing smart home and works together across the devices you love most. Pair the Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and more, to enable voice to lock, unlock and check the status of your door.

Seamlessly pairs with your
existing smart home.

August Smart Lock integrates easily into your smart home. August partners with leaders in the smart home space so everything works together. Pair the Smart Lock Pro with Alexa, the Google Assistant, or Siri, to enable voice commands that lock, unlock, and check the status of your door. With HomeKit and Z-Wave built in, you can pair your lock to these existing smart home networks.
Works With
August Doorbell Cam Pro
Home, even when you’re not.
August Smart Keypad
Never leave keys under the mat again.