August View Doorbell Camera

  • Home, even when you’re not
  • Know who’s there from anywhere with real-time alerts on your phone
  • Let guests in from your phone when paired with any August lock
  • HindSight™ will capture video before people even arrive
  • Full-color HD video, even at night with the new integrated floodlight.
  • Easy, DIY replacement of your existing wired doorbell


August View Doorbell Camera
The Wire-Free Doorbell Camera
Home even when you're not.
With August View doorbell camera, know exactly who or what is at your door and respond on your terms. Forget hiding a spare key, coordinating a best time, or wondering what really happened. August View will be there.

Home even when you’re not

2-way audio let’s you engage with visitors as if you were home.

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts anytime someone approaches your doorstep.

Installs Anywhere

DIY installation without worrying about wires or calling an electrician.


See and speak with visitors.
Answer the door from your phone and speak to visitors in real time. Best-in-class HD video gives you a realistic view of your doorstep with minimal fisheye distortion while crisp audio ensures every conversation is clear on both ends. Let them know you’ll be right there or let them in. Connect to your August Smart Lock via the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, so you can unlock the door from anywhere.

Let guests in from anywhere.

August View can be connected to an August Smart Lock via August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge so you can let guests in from anywhere.


With a sleek design, it's at home, anywhere.

No special skills are required. Installing the August View doorbell camera and connecting it to your Wi-Fi only takes a few minutes. Place August View exactly where you want without worrying about doorbell wires. No need to call an electrician or a handy friend to get started. Once it’s up and running, recharge the battery at any time using the Micro-USB cable that’s included.
Hear your August View ring inside your home just like a standard doorbell. Plug it’s chime into any standard electrical outlet in any room and set the volume to the level of your choice. No need to make an additional purchase. August View includes the chime, so you have this extra alert right out of the box.

Optimal positioning for your August View.

August View’s doorbell camera works best when it has a clear, direct line of sight to your entryway area with minimal interruption from non-entry related foot traffic such as busy sidewalks.


Capture every detail.

Get the most realistic picture of who or what is at your door with high resolution video at 1440p. That’s 33% more pixels than full 1080p HD. This allows a wide, clear view of your entryway and minimizes fisheye distortion. If you need to investigate further, zoom in to identify package details or uncover key information about unexpected visitors.


Always know what's happening at your doorstep.

Activity Feed

Preview missed visitors and motion detected in the activity feed in the August app. Set up notifications to alert when the wireless video doorbell rings or motion is detected - just like a phone call.

Instant Notifications

Get instant alerts anytime someone approaches your doorstep or your doorbell is rung. Adjust motion detection sensitivity to accommodate busier or more remote areas.

On-Demand Live View

The August app shows a live stream of your doorstep at any time. Watch what is happening at your door even when someone is not there.


View your doorstep day and night.

Infrared night vision with a range of over 10 feet lets you see your doorstep, even when it’s completely dark. When you’re asleep or away, the August View doorbell camera uses this enhanced vision to capture night activity, so you have a better recording of any unexpected guests or suspicious happenings.

Connect to Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

August View integrates with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Get notifications when your doorbell is rung or motion is detected with Amazon Alexa. The Google Assistant notifies you when your doorbell has been rung. Add an August Smart Lock paired with an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to lock or unlock the door using your voice.