Will August Work With My Door?

Will August Work With My Door?
August goes on the inside of your door and installs in minutes on most single-cylinder deadbolts.
Common Lock Types
August works with most single-cylinder deadbolts but not mortise, rim cylinder or interconnected locks.
Unlike products that require a locksmith to completely replace your existing lock, August’s smart locks easily retrofit to your existing deadbolt, allowing you to keep your existing keys.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a single cylinder deadbolt?
Single cylinder deadbolts are the most common type of deadbolt in North America. A single cylinder deadbolt operates with a key on the outside and a thumbturn on the inside. The deadbolt and handle are not connected in any way. August is compatible with most single cylinder deadbolts.
What is a mortise lock?
Mortise locks contain a large cassette that is recessed into the door. Typically, this style of lock will unlock both the deadbolt and operate the latch, from the inside of the door, when you push down on the handle. They are typically seen in apartment buildings or on custom, high-end doors and you can identify them by the large plate on the edge of your door.
There is a plate on the inside of my door. Will August still be compatible?
If this plate connects the thumbturn and handle on your lock, August’s retrofit mechanism will likely not be compatible with your lock at this time.
What if I have a Medeco, Mul-t-Lock or single-sided deadbolt?
The internal operation of these deadbolts is similar to a double cylinder lock. August’s retrofit mechanism will likely not be compatible with these lock types at this time. If you are looking for a high-security deadbolt, we’d suggest a Primus Core or Schlage B560. These deadbolts are compatible with August and offer the security of a Medeco or Mul-t-Lock.
Which deadbolts have been tested with August locks?
August works with most standard single cylinder deadbolts. Know exceptions are newer, Defiant and Gatehouse models (post-2014).