Big, mean and savage, X52 ICE hits hard and takes no
prisoners! Stay out of his way or you’ll be blasted off the
track by his Pulse Ram.


    Deployed behind the truck to
    detonate, causing damage and
    swerving of cars.
    Force field in front of Rig. Cars
    are pushed off track when in
    contact with the field.
    Causes Damage and swerving of
    cars around the truck by shooting
    out a radial shockwave. Tap
    button firing style.

Supertrucks are big, powerful, unpredictable and come with a big trick
up their sleeve. Rage Mode.
When commanding a Supertruck, keep it moving at top speed to
gradually fill the Supertruck’s Rage Meter. Once completely full the
Supertruck will accelerate beyond its normal top speed and constantly
fires its special weapon until the Rage Meter is depleted.
Challenge friends or AI Commanders in Takeover, an all new Supertruck exclusive game mode.
In Takeover, players start each match in their chosen Supercars. Anyone that can break through a
Supertruck’s defenses will take control of the vehicle to wreak havoc on their opponents until another
player disables them and takes command of the Supertruck.
Now any Commander can take control of Supertrucks, adding a new
dimension to Supertruck battles.
To get started with Anki OVERDRIVE, you need to make sure you have our Starter Kit. A start/finish track piece must be used in all track configurations and is only included in the Starter Kit. Download the free Anki OVERDRIVE app on a compatible iOS or Android device to control the cars on the track. Each player requires their own compatible device. Up to 4 cars can play at any time. If you want to play cross device a WiFi connection is required.
Anki products are designed for most ages: cars and tracks are highly durable, and the app is family-friendly. If your track becomes dirty, you can use a micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and debris. A damp, lint-free cloth can be used to clean the surface. If your cars start spinning off the track, check your tires to make sure they have not shifted off the rims and use the tire cleaner to remove any dust and debris from the wheels.
We want to ensure your satisfaction and playing enjoyment with Anki Overdrive. We are here to help!