Nest Protect Install & Explore

This is going to be easy.

You can set up your Nest Protect in just minutes using your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

And Nest Protect is now even easier to install. But if you need help, we have customer support with real humans to answer your questions.

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Tech Specs

Which Nest Protect should I get?

Just check the smoke alarm you have now. If it
connects to wires, you’ll want Nest Protect
(Wired 120V). If it doesn’t, you should get Nest
Protect (Battery).


As furniture and construction materials have changed, so has fire.
Fires now burn much faster. The smoke is more toxic.
Nest Protect has the technology to detect today’s fires.

Beautiful on the outside. Rocket science on the inside.

Designed to connect.

If the Nest Protect in your kitchen senses danger, every Nest
Protect in your home will speak up to make sure you know where
the danger is – even if Wi-Fi goes down. And once you’ve checked
that everything’s OK, you can hush them from your phone over
Bluetooth LE.

When you go to bed tonight, look at your old smoke alarm. 
You’ll probably notice a tiny little light. It could be green. Or red. 
But what does it even mean?

Look for the light ring.

In addition to its voice, Nest Protect uses colors to communicate. And we gave the new Nest Protect a brighter light
ring so it’s easier to see in an emergency and better at helping you see things in the dark. 

Nest Protect constantly monitors its sensors and batteries. A quick green glow when you turn out the lights says everything’s working. 

When you walk under Nest Protect at night, it will light your way. You can choose different light levels or turn Pathlight off entirely in the app. 

If there’s only a little smoke, like you’ve just burned toast, it will glow yellow and give you a friendly Heads-Up so you can check on things. 

When smoke or carbon monoxide reaches dangerous levels, Nest Protect sounds the alarm, pulses red, and tells you where the emergency is. 

Nest Protect helps you before, during,
and after something goes wrong.

Not just an alarm. A guide.

What To Do in the Nest app teaches your family how to get out of the house safely. It will also pop up on your phone if the alarm goes off. You can even enter an emergency contact so it’s right there when you need it.

Know what happened.

You’re not always home when there’s an emergency. So Nest Protect remembers what happened and shows you the details in a 10-day Safety History.
It helps you every month.

Nest will email you a monthly Home Report. You’ll see a summary of anything that happened and tips to help you stay safe.

Proven safe.

You have to know your smoke and carbon
monoxide alarms are safe. And we’ve proven Nest
Protect is.

Meets all these standards:


Nest Protect

Bring yours home today.