Google Wifi – How it works

A new type of
Wi-Fi technology
Google Wifi works differently than a traditional router. You set up multiple points throughout your home, creating a “mesh” network that delivers a consistently strong, secure signal.

So long, dead zones.

Wifi points work together to create a connected system that gives you a strong signal throughout your home.1

A consistently fast signal.

Because each Wifi point is a router with a high-fidelity signal, all of your devices get a fast connection.1

A single network for all your devices.

Google Wifi uses mesh technology to create one Wi-Fi network, so you can stream a movie on your phone and walk from room to room without any signal drops.1

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Google Wifi’s Network Assist takes care of things behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the Wi-Fi without fiddling with your router.

Always connects you to the fastest Wifi point.

Places you on the least congested channel.

Uses the fastest band for your devices.

A Wi-Fi evolution.

The way we use Wi-Fi has changed. We have more devices that need strong, fast Wi-Fi in more parts of our home — and Google Wifi delivers just that. You’ll still need service from your ISP, as well as a modem. From there, Google Wifi handles the rest.

Traditional routers have limited range.

Extenders can add a bit more range, but degrade speed.

Google Wifi points work together to cover your home with a reliably strong, fast signal.

Step-ahead security.

Industry-leading hardware and cloud-based security that automatically updates itself means you’re always protected.


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