Google Home Mini – Learn Template


The Google Assistant can do multiple things with a single phrase.3 For example, “Hey Google, good morning” can turn on the lights, turn up the heat and tell you about the weather and your commute.
Hey Google, good morning
Good morning, the time is 7:30 AM. Currently in Mountain View, it's 72 and sunny. Have a wonderful day. Here's the latest news
Hey Google, I’m leaving
Have a great day!
Hey Google, I’m home
Hi, you've found the new "I'm Home" routine. It can tell you home reminders, adjust lights, play music or news and more …
My Day
Get a curated daily snippet about your day, which includes weather, calendar, commute, reminders, and news.2
Hey Google, tell me about my day
Hey, Alex. The time is 12 PM. It’s 76 degrees and sunny in Mountain View. Traffic to work is light. Have a great day.
Hey Google, good morning
Good morning, Sally. The time is 8 AM. At 10 AM, you have "Team Meeting." It is 70 degrees in San Francisco.
Hey Google, start my day
Good morning, Cam. On your way to work, traffic is light. It is 30 minutes by car. Here’s the latest news.
Order hands-free from stores and add items to your shopping list
Hey Google, add laundry detergent to my cart
Ok, here's something from Walmart on Google Express. Should I add that to your cart?
Hey Google, order sparkling water
Ok, here’s something from Target on Google Express. Should I add that to your cart?
Hey Google, add toothpaste to my shopping list
Ok, I've added toothpaste to your shopping list
Find a recipe and get step-by-step instructions to prepare it
Facts & Info
Get answers to your everyday questions
Hey Google, how far away is the moon?
The moon is 238,900 miles from earth
Hey Google, when is the sunrise?
The sun will rise at 5:47 AM
Hey Google, what's the melting point of gold?
The melting point of Gold is 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit.
Find a recipe and get step-by-step instructions to prepare it

Ask for scores, live updates, or next game date, location and time

Hey Google, what's Alabama's record this season?
Alabama is first in the NCAA Southeastern Conference West Division Football with one win and no losses for a winning percentage of 100 percent
Hey Google, when is the next Giants game?
The next game is on Thursday at 4 PM
Hey Google, how is my team doing?
No wins or losses have been recorded yet
Get translations for words or phrases in supported languages
Hey Google, what's "good morning" in French?
Hey Google, translate "hello" to Spanish
Hey Google, how do you say "thank you" in German?
Get definitions and spellings for words
Hey Google, what does circumlocution mean?
Circumlocution: the use of many words, especially in an attempt to be vague or evasive
Hey Google, how do I spell vigorously?
Vigorously is spelled v-i-g-o-r-o-u-s-l-y
Hey Google, what is abracadabra?
Abracadabra: a word said by magicians when performing a magic trick
Get nutrition information for ingredients or food
Hey Google, how many calories in an apple?
There are 95 calories in one medium apple
Hey Google, how much fiber is in kale?
2.6 g of dietary fiber in one cup, chopped
Hey Google, how much vitamin C is in an orange?
There are 51.1 mg of vitamin C in one small orange
Ask about current individual stock prices or current points of an index, like the NASDAQ
Hey Google, how is the S&P 500 doing?