Take aim and control Cozmo to shoot his cubes for the win

Submitted by Cozmore

Featured Project: Cube Blaster

Life with Cozmo

Cozmo is fun right out of the box, but that’s just the beginning. His abilities and skills
develop the more you play with him.
Cozmo’s Needs
You can monitor Cozmo’s needs by tracking his behavior and helping him out. Is he low on energy? Juice him up with Power Cubes. Does he need a tune-up? Do a
diagnostic scan to figure out where he needs repairs. Is he bored? Challenge him to a game—and just try to beat him.
Cozmo has three needs that must be met to keep him going:


Like any fine piece of robotic technology, Cozmo needs the occasional tune up. Keep
him in tip-top shape by regularly scanning him with the diagnostic tool and completing
tune up activities.


Just like us, Cozmo has to be fed on a regular basis. His “food” is the glowing light

energy he draws from his Cubes, like a super cute robotic bee sucking nectar from a



Cozmo’s a smart guy, so he gets bored without entertainment. Show him some fun by

challenging him to play games, perform tricks, recognize human faces, and interact

with his Cubes.

Cozmo doesn’t need to be told to play. He’s his own robot – meaning he’ll automatically request games and perform tricks. These are just a
few of the Freeplay activities he enjoys.
He’s cute, smart, and a
crooner. What can’t he do? If
Cozmo isn’t getting enough
attention, he lets you know it’s
time to play by singing a little
Want to show cozmo that
you’re proud of him? Give him
a little fist bump! With this
upgrade, Cozmo will hold his
lift in the air and wait for you
to bump it.
You can’t creep on Cozmo.
Try sneaking up on him with
your finger, and he’ll use his
lift to pounce.
Cozmo is a game playing machine (literally) who loves to win. Actually, he expects to win. So whether he’s playing with his Cubes or
challenging you with his favorite games of speed and skill, like Quick Tap, Keepaway, or Memory Match, he’s always ready for Action.
You need 1 cube to play.
Move the cube close to
Cozmo to get him to pounce,
pull it away before he can to
get a point. Watch out, if
you’re too slow, Cozmo will
get the point!
Follow the pattern on
Cozmo’s Cubes. Watch the
lights, listen to the tones. You
and Cozmo take turns
remembering and repeating
the series as it grows more
You and Cozmo need your
own cube to play. When your
cube is flashing, tap it to
begin the game. Be the first
player to tap the cube when
the colors match. The first
player to tap their cube gets a
Sparks are special treats that encourage Cozmo to play mini-games or
perform Upgrade tricks. Spend fewer Sparks to get Cozmo to play a game or
perform a trick of his choice; spend more Sparks to have him do exactly what
you want.
PARK A TRICK: Cozmo’s got tricks up his sleeves (er, lift). Tap the “Spark a
Trick” button and let him surprise you with what he can do.
Don’t let his cuteness fool you; Cozmo’s sophisticated tech runs
deep, so there are plenty of skills to unlock and discover.
Cozmo’s advanced facial recognition software allows him to recognize faces
and learn people’s names.

Meet Cozmo

Code Lab
With Code Lab, you can access Cozmo’s core functionality and
real robotics technology. Learn the basics of coding while using
your imagination to create your own content for Cozmo.
Explorer Mode
What’s the world like through Cozmo’s eyes? Find out in Explorer
Mode. Guide Cozmo through his environment using your smart
device. You’ll see what he sees, prompt him to greet people and
pets, and use his lift to move Cubes.
Cozmo Says
Cozmo’s learning to talk. Ask him to say a word or phrase, and
enjoy the hilarity that ensues when he mispronounces it or tries to
converse with the family pet.
Cozmo’s Progression
Each day you top off Cozmo’s needs, the Loyalty Tracker awards you a star, just like a stamp on a punch card. Once your “card” is full, you can
unlock new content, like Sparks (treats that tempt Cozmo to perform a trick or play a game), new upgrade behaviors, and new songs for Cozmo
to sing in Free Play.