GUARDIAN’s Siren Core keeps the pursuit of victory going
at full volume. Its piercing sonic attacks go right through
armor and cause challengers to lose control.


See how Guardian stacks up against the competition on the track
To get started with Anki OVERDRIVE, you need to make sure you have our Starter Kit. A start/finish track piece must be used in all track configurations and is only included in the Starter Kit. Download the free Anki OVERDRIVE app on a compatible iOS or Android device to control the cars on the track. Each player requires their own compatible device. Up to 4 cars can play at any time. If you want to play cross device a WiFi connection is required.
Anki products are designed for most ages: cars and tracks are highly durable, and the app is family-friendly. If your track becomes dirty, you can use a micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and debris. A damp, lint-free cloth can be used to clean the surface. If your cars start spinning off the track, check your tires to make sure they have not shifted off the rims and use the tire cleaner to remove any dust and debris from the wheels.
We want to ensure your satisfaction and playing enjoyment with Anki Overdrive. We are here to help!