August Adds 24 Hours Free Video to Doorbells

MARCH 8, 2018

August Adds 24 Hours Free Video to Doorbells
The August Doorbell Cam Pro is like a doorbell on steroids with powerful features that make it easy to answer your door from anywhere. Miss a visitor at your door or received an alert of suspicious activity? August Video Recording lets you replay, download and share videos of everything that goes on outside your front door.
Now we’re giving all August Doorbell Cam Pro and Doorbell Cam owners 24 hours of video storage free with our new, Basic August Video Recording subscription. This lets you replay any missed moment from the last 24 hours within the August app.
“We believe video recording is such an important feature for video doorbells that we are adding 24 hours of video recording, for free, with both of our Doorbell Cams,” said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home. “Now if you miss a motion notification or experience a porch pirate walking off with a package from your doorstep, you can access and review the stored video from the August app.”
The Doorbell Cam Pro includes an integrated floodlight which gives you full-color night-time video rather than the typical grainy video of an infrared camera. In addition to the integrated floodlight, Doorbell Cam Pro includes a feature called HindSight™. HindSight™ constantly monitors your doorway and captures the moments before a motion alert, even if the doorbell is not pressed. This ensures that the recording includes the entire event, rather than capturing a person walking away, for example.
Motion detection triggers alerts showing a snapshot of the activity happening at your front door – a visitor stopping by, a package being delivered safely inside your home when you aren’t home or a security alert when an intruder scopes out whether anyone might be home. The floodlight can also be motion triggered to scare away would-be thieves.

August Doorbell Cam Pro works with your favorite smart home devices including Nest Cams and Amazon Echo Show and Fire TV. The August Smart Lock Pro and August Smart Lock integrate with your August Doorbell Cams so you can let guests in from your phone, from anywhere, for total control over the front door.

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