Anki Overdriver_SIX WAYS TO PLAY

Be the first commander to complete all the laps and cross the finish line!

TIP: Your skills with the Throttle will keep you on the track.
Use your Weapons to drain opponent’s Health and score Points.
The first Commander to score a set number of Points wins.

TIP: If an opponent is on your tail, hit the brakes and watch
them fly right into your sights.
Speed is essential in Battle Race, but Weapons can help level
the playing field. Be the first Commander to complete all the
laps and cross the finish line in one piece!

TIP: Arm yourself with a Tractor Beam Support Item to
strategically slow down your opponent.
Take out the King to steal the Crown. The longer you have
the Crown, the more points you earn. The first Commander
to reach the Point limit wins.

TIP:At the start of a match, the first Commander to disable
another vehicle wins the Crown.
In Time Trial, It’s about speed, it’s about control, and it’s
you against the clock. Compete for the fastest time in

TIP: Hug the inside lane and don’t forget to use your
boost on straightaways.
In Takeover, it’s an all-out brawl for control of the Supertruck.
Be the first to break through its defenses and unleash your

TIP: For maximum damage, try to use RAGE when there’s a
group nearby.