AirTame – Single Window Sharing

Introducing our new feature: Single
Window Sharing
AUGUST 29TH, 2018
The much sought after Single Window Sharing functionality is now available with Airtame. Share a single window of your choosing while other windows remain concealed
Following our Chromebook fix and Homescreen apps launch updates, we’re introducing Single Window Sharing. It’s a feature that many users have asked for, and we’re excited to meet your request. With Airtame App 3.3.0, you can share just one selected window from your computer to the Airtame – while other windows remain private.
  • Single Window Sharing provides added privacy

  • Quickly switch between single window and full-screen mode

  • Updated layout

  • New for Mac and Windows users* – and Chromebook users already have this feature, too!
Keep stuff concealed while presenting
When sharing a presentation during a meeting or class session, you might wish to keep some things concealed on your own screen. So far Airtame has only allowed you to mirror your whole desktop, but now that’s changing.

The new update revolutionizes the way you use Airtame. Select what windows you want to share, and which ones you don’t. It means you can hide things you don’t want your peers or students to see, such as notes, test results or personal information.
Do two things at once
Besides the added privacy, Single Window Sharing gives you the opportunity to continue working on your own device, without disrupting what everyone is looking at on the TV or projector.

You can share a presentation window and still be able to look at your notes or keep track of time on your own machine. As a teacher, this will prove helpful when you want to help one student while the rest of the class is following their group assignments on the big screen.

Single Window Sharing can come in handy in a business environment too. Use it to conceal notes when presenting or hide confidential information that you need to see for reference, but don’t want your guests to see.

Small note: you can separate which screens and apps you want to present to your TVs and projectors, but when audio is enabled from the Airtame app it will be full system and not only from the given window.
New update, smarter layout
After updating you’ll immediately see a visual change to the Airtame application. The Airtame app has grown a bit wider and also more intuitive – plus a brand new logo, colors, and fonts. When hovering over devices, you will now see two options: Share Screen or Share Window.

Share Screen will be Airtame as you know it already – when you need to mirror the whole screen. The Share Window option lets you choose the single window you’d like to share. We’ve made it as easy as regular screen sharing, so you don’t have to use an excessive amount of time clicking on buttons.

When choosing Share Window, the app will let you click on the window you wish to share on the big screen. You can also use the taskbar or keyboard shortcuts to navigate to the window you want to share.
Yes, there’s more!
From now on, you won’t be able to close our streaming notification while streaming. Instead, you can minimize it and easily draw it out via the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut for switching between windows. That way, your streaming functionalities are always available without you having to search for it.

For those of our Windows users who have also requested presenter mode for PowerPoint, we’ve got you covered. While it does take a few more clicks than the essential Single Window Sharing, it’s possible to do with these extra commands:
Press Alt+F5, then go to Single Window Sharing in the app and choose the full-screen PowerPoint window to be shared. Your presentation is now being shared, and you can open the window with the presentation and notes without anyone seeing it.
The Airtame app 3.3.0 is currently available for Windows and Mac. But don’t worry, Chromebook users, you already have Single Window Sharing capabilities. With that said, we’ll soon be releasing the 3.3.0 app for Chromebook. Stay tuned to hear more about the new functionality in this release.

*Single Window Sharing is available by default on Windows 8 and 10. Windows 7 users can activate it from the app preferences but might experience inconsistent behavior. For video streaming on Mac, we recommend streaming in fullscreen share mode, as window streaming isn’t performing as smoothly.