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Easy, collaborative
learning at Desert Sands
Unified School District
Desert Sands USD prepares their students for the future by making
sure they work with the best technology to support lessons. Here’s
how Airtame helps.
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Easy, collaborative learning at Desert Sands Unified School District
Amelia Earhart Elementary is one of 33 schools in the Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta, CA that prepare students for life outside of the classroom with wireless technology. Here’s their story.
Giving Students the Tech Advantage
Studies show that not only do students easily embrace tech, but those students who do not learn technology skills are likely to be at a disadvantage in the workplace. For this reason, schools like Amelia Earhart Elementary have a need to implement wireless technology and devices into their learning environments from the very start.
What we’re really facing with these kids is the technology skill
set that they’re going to need that we’re trying to instill in
them. So by using Airtame, LFDs, and the Chromebooks on a
daily basis, I believe that they’ll be able to get those skills.
Kathy Beach, Teacher at Amelia Earhart Elementary
Connected Classrooms
Video conferencing, networking and virtual classroom technology have removed physical boundaries that previously limited educational opportunities. Thanks to Airtame, teachers like Kathy Beach can now access a wider knowledge base and engage more in their lessons to present the information.

One of the innovative ways teachers are using this tech is by creating virtual field trips. Students can have a live video discussion with a forest ranger when they are learning about the different types of trees without ever leaving the digital classroom. Technology like Airtame means more virtual field trips, more visiting experts, and teachers from different regions to meet with and share their knowledge with students.
Keeping Students Engaged
The goal is to include technology in a way that encourages learning and collaboration among students. In order to make sure learning computer literacy is seamless, Airtame is designed to connect easily with a single click. By simplifying the tech, teachers can present information to their classes, and students can collaborate with ease.
It’s really important for kids to learn to work with others,
because that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of their lives.
Tina Burr, Glenn Middle School
While hands-on work remains an important part of learning, the limitless potential of a wireless classroom is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. Equipped with wireless tech, the classroom is a thriving center for collaboration.