AirTame – can-i-stream-to-multiple-screens

Can I stream to multiple screens?
Yes, you can stream to multiple Airtames simultaneously.

Written by Kristian Klausen
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can! So long as they are all on the same network. All You will need to do is to click “Start” on each Airtame you would like to stream to. Starting with one and adding new ones, one at a time:
This is only possible when streaming from a computer, not mobile devices.

1. Availability: The source PC and the receiving devices must be on the same network.

2. Distance: You can expect to achieve full range throughout your existing network coverage. Just keep in mind that both the connection between the Dongle and your WiFi network and from your PC to your WiFi network need to have a good connection to avoid reducing the streaming experience. E.g. Enough signal bars.

3.Network: The amount of data transfer will increase with every stream added, even if it is the same content.

How to Start a Multi-Stream

1. Launch the application
2. Start a stream to one device*
3. Click on the additional devices you would like to add. (Same as streaming to one)

*You are able to select devices by “Connect via IP” if they are not listed.