Airtame 2 – Enterprise

Airtame for Enterprise

Modernize meetings, engage teams

We provide easy screen sharing and engaging digital signage, saving time and improving teamwork.

Trusted by 20.000+ forward-thinking workplaces

Screen sharing from any device

Invite everyone to participate by providing a cross-platform, wireless solution.

Digital signage made easy

Invite everyone to participate by providing a cross-platform, wireless solution.

All-in-one cloud management

Give IT administrators full control with remote access to manage every screen.

The intelligent meeting room

Realize the full potential of every meeting

Present wirelessly

Share from any device with the Airtame app, Google Cast, AirPlay or Miracast*.

Welcome visitors

Upload personalized messages or specific company information.

Display availability

Synchronize calendars and agendas with meeting room screens.

Showcase assets

Exhibit impactful signage with videos, dashboards and more.

Save power

Schedule screens to turn on and off according to office hours.

*Coming 2020, powered by AirServer

The informative company

Provide the right message in the right place

Share news

Keep everyone up to speed with company updates and results.

Customize screens

Invite individuals and teams to curate the imagery in their work space.

Offer guidance

Display a map, room overview or emergency information in open spaces.

Create ambiance

Set the mood with any combination of images, videos or slides on your screens.

Go green

Care for your screens (and the environment) by scheduling them to power down after office hours.

The productive department

Motivate your team to reach their goals

Inspire employees

Upload real-time insights and goals for employees to track against.

Enable presenters

Encourage team members to share results and company updates from their screen.

Distribute responsibility

Invite colleagues to manage screens and assign different access levels depending on user roles.

Showcase results

Select any combination of images, videos or presentations to motivate your team.

Inform teams

Display updates through company business tools such as Trello and Google Slides.


  • Employee and guest experience
  • Internal communication
  • Corporate social responsibility


  • Meeting downtime
  • IT maintenance
  • Power consumption
  • Total cost-of-ownership


  • Productivity and engagement
  • Flat screen lifespan
  • Return-on-investment

The productive department

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Bond Collective sets the stage for better coworking

Creating the ideal workspace involves selecting technology solutions that encourage collaboration and engagement. Bond Collective went with Airtame for their conference rooms so that members could easily share their screens with clients and colleagues.

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Daniel Wellington’s wireless offices, built by Airtame

What makes Daniel Wellington watches so remarkable is how they balance traditional elegance with the simplicity of modern minimalism. Here’s how Airtame helps them create a wireless office that is as sleek and fashionable as their watches.

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