Airtame 2 – Education

Airtame for education

Empower teachers, inspire students.

We’re the world’s leading screen sharing solution for education, making bright minds brighter across K-12 and higher education.


Proudly partnering to help students achieve more

Screen sharing from any device

Turn the classroom into a collaborative learning space.

Digital signage made easy

Engage students, teachers and visitors with dynamic messaging and inspiring imagery.

All-in-one cloud management

Easily view and update device settings and digital signage.

Smarter classrooms, smarter students

Hassle-free presentations

Forget cables, dongles, adapters, ports, projectors and external screens. Just click an icon and share. Easy.

Teacher mobility

Get the freedom to observe and interact with students from anywhere in the classroom while still sharing content on screen.

Compatible with any device

We support a multi-platform environment where students and teachers can present from any device to any screen.

Student empowerment

We enable teachers to create a real learner-centric and dynamic education environment.

Ease of use

Tech should never stand in the way of education. So we’ve tailored our product to make it as easy as possible to use.

Success stories

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Easy, collaborative learning at Desert Sands Unified School District

We visited Desert Sands School District to talk with their tech team about how they save time and effort with Airtame.

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Airtame helps Lake Superior College unlock better education

Lake Superior College promotes the power of technology in higher education by positioning themselves as a champion of high tech classrooms.

Make IT
administration easier

Teacher empowerment

We enable teachers to create a real learner-centric and dynamic education environment.

Cloud management

Quick setup, bulk updates, valuable digital signage customization options. Everything to get started right away.

Optimized setup

Integrations with WPA2-Enterprise, SSL certificates, and proxy networks to support your authentication protocols. Get a more stable connection through the Airtame PoE adapter.

Fewer support tickets

Decrease the amount of support tickets by up to 80%.


We’ve made setup and maintenance simple, no matter how many devices you have.

Why Airtame?

Price transparency

Hardware, software, customer success, and cloud management. Everything is included in the Airtame solution, the most competitive solution for edication on the market.

Designed with users in mind

Airtame has a beautiful design that’s easy on the eyes, intelligent and less bulky than its competitors. Anyone can set it up without assistance from professional parties.

Not just for screen sharing

We believe one device should open up for a multitude of opportunities. Turn blank screens into branded informational displays, all enabled from the cloud and discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Device-agnostic platform

Airtame is simple to use and supports all devices for a truly BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) collaborative environment, minimizing the need for IT support.

Safe and secure

Our PIN Code Connect feature keeps outsiders from disrupting screen sharing sessions. And with the Kensington lock slot, no one can snatch away the physical device either.

Modern cloud management

10, 100 or 1000 Airtames; bulk edit and manage multiple locations all from your desk via the Airtame Cloud.

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