Accessibility for Fire TV

Accessibility for Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV offers accessibility features such as closed captions, the VoiceView screen reader, a screen magnifier, and high contrast text to support access by deaf, hard of hearing, blind, and low vision customers. This allows customers to enjoy movies, TV shows, music, apps, and more.
VoiceView Quick Start Instructions
VoiceView is available on all Fire TV devices and can be enabled on Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote and Amazon Fire TV during setup.
  • Plug your Fire TV into your television, then power.
  • Insert included batteries into the remote. When you hear a single tone sound, your Fire TV and remote are ready to pair.
  • Press the Home button to pair your remote. Home is the middle button in the top row of three small buttons.
  • Once the remote is paired you will hear a different two tone sound.
  • To enable VoiceView, hold the Back and Menu buttons for 2 seconds. Back and Menu are the left and right buttons in the top row of three small buttons.

    When VoiceView is enabled for the first time, the VoiceView tutorial will automatically start. You can revisit that tutorial at any time, through VoiceView Settings.

Blind and Low Vision

Our new screen reader, VoiceView, provides spoken feedback to describe actions that take place on your screen using Amazon’s natural language text-to-speech voices.
You can control how fast VoiceView speaks by adjusting the reading speed to one of ten different speeds of your choice. The Fire TV VoiceView tutorial will automatically start the first time you enable VoiceView to help you master operating your Fire TV, and can be revisited any time through the VoiceView settings panel. Review Mode allows you to explore text and content on your Fire TV screen by navigating details item-by-item.
Screen Magnifier
Take a closer look with Screen Magnifier. Easily activated by holding the Back and Fast Forward buttons, Screen Magnifier allows you to zoom in, zoom out, and pan around the screen. Usage instructions are displayed when Screen Magnifier is enabled.
High Contrast Text
Make it easier to navigate your Fire TV by using the High Contrast Text setting to change the majority of text to black or white, based on the original color, and add a border.

Closed Captions

Watch movies and TV shows with closed captions. Look for the CC icon when browsing movies and TV shows. Captions are not available for all titles.
You can also customize how your closed captions appear including text color, size, opacity, font style, edge style, background color, and more.