How ebook readers help children learning while staying at home?

The Education Bureau announced at the end of February that in view of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the school will extend the suspension time until the end of the Easter holiday. The earliest resumption day is expected to be April 20. I believe that many parents have recently been distressed about how to make their children practice “suspending school without stopping”. Unfortunately, some parents still lose to technology nanny-mobile phones and tablets. Children are distracted to play games and watch cartoons, but fail to implement distance learning. How can technology products help children learn?

Are ebook readers better than phones and tablets?

Children like to imitate adults. When adults often slide mobile phones or tablets, children naturally observe how to use such electronic products. However, parents have long heard that premature exposure of young children to mobile phones and tablets for a long time can harm young children’s eyesight (not more than one hour a day). The appearance design is like an e-book reader for mobile phones and tablets. It is an electronic product that can provide parents with peace of mind.

E-book readers use e-ink technology-just like a paper book refracting light sources, and can adjust font size and line spacing to help protect children’s eyesight. E-book readers focus on reading functions, which greatly reduces school children’s use of technology products for Necessary recreational activities can help improve students’ reading concentration.

E-book readers replace paper books?

E-book readers are only black and white. Even if parents buy children’s picture books, compared with colorful physical picture books, their appeal to young children is slightly inferior. Therefore, parents must purchase e-book readers according to the age of their children to really stimulate them. Children read and learn without wasting money.

Mr. Chen, who has been in education for more than ten years, specifically pointed out: “E-book readers cannot completely replace the aesthetic education brought by paper books to younger children, such as color matching, paper touch and layout.

In addition, many Asian countries have shown that young children’s understanding of reading e-books cannot be compared with paper books; older students can benefit more from e-books and achieve ideal learning results.

It can be seen from the above that parents must pay attention to the learning stage of the child when considering whether to add an e-book reader for their children. Some experts suggest that the age of the ideal use of e-book readers is at least six years, and parents should consider it again.

Strengthen children’s language skills

Kelly asked his child to use an e-book reader when he was seven years old. She said, “Although some e-books in PDF format are not easy to read, my children start to read intermediate chapter books. These paper books are thick and type It is also small, and children use the Kindle to solve the above problems. Furthermore, the Kindle is an electronic ink screen, which does not hurt the eyes; and it has a built-in dictionary function and can be made into an electronic word card for easy learning.

The person in charge of Emotion Technology said: “Kindle now supports audiobooks, giving children more opportunities to listen to English, helping children to improve their reading interest, and further learning to pronounce correctly in foreign languages. In addition, while reading the dictionary, BOOX can directly query the pronunciation of new words. More convenient. “

Children learn quietly, parents are no longer embarrassed

Crystal’s daughter is five years old and she bought a children’s Kindle for her children. The family travels often, and she considers the e-book reader to be the best companion for her daughter’s long-distance flight. She shared: “I downloaded some children’s books, educational cartoons or educational games in advance before I went on the plane The daughter focused on her Kindle on the plane and would not be noisy. My daughter uses the Kindle and I don’t have to worry about her accidentally watching some cartoons that seem to be suitable for children in YouYube, but they are actually restricted content.

Keeping your child’s extracurricular books no longer annoying

Teacher Chen also mentioned: “I personally only buy text-only e-books, such as novels, essays, reference books, etc., especially those with a large number of pages, to reduce the weight I carry when commuting, and I can carry multiple e-books at once Read again as you feel that day. “

A 4GB Kindle can store thousands of e-books. In Hong Kong, a city with high property prices, storing paper books of different grades for children is a big problem. E-book readers can solve the practical problem of insufficient storage space and avoid the problem of moving a large number of paper books during relocation.

Brand and model choice?

Parents are worried that children may easily break electronic products. They can consider the entry-level All-New Kindle, which is very suitable for elementary school students. For secondary school students or above, they can choose the cost-effective Kindle Paperwhite. Resolution, larger capacity, and faster.

BOOX is an e-book reader developed with Android. It has high compatibility and can install other applications. It also has large screens to choose from, including 7.8 “, 9.7”, 10.3 “and 13.3”, suitable for the pursuit of high-quality reading. Experienced older students.

Students pursuing a master’s or doctoral program need to refer to different papers frequently. Sony Digital Paper, which can display PDF files perfectly, is worth considering by families with a budget.

Technology products can bring a lot of benefits to modern people, but to make the most of the product, how to use it correctly is the key.

I hope that parents can adjust the best time to buy e-book readers for their children according to their age and personality, so as to effectively improve their learning efficiency.

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